BOOTES4 weather overview of week 34, 2019, from 08/18/19 to 08/24/19

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The red curve shows the temperature, the light red area shows the range between maximum and minimum temperature during the sampling interval. The blue curve shows the dew point, the temperature at which dew begins to form.
The blue graph shows average barometric pressure, the range between minimum and maximum pressure during the sampling interval is shown in light blue.
The lower part of the graph shows in light green the average wind speed during the sampling interval, the maximum speed is shown in dark green, scale on the left of the graph. The upper part shows the wind azimut in blue, scale on the right.
The blue histogram shows the total rain (or moisture content of the precipitation) in mm during the sampling interval.

Graphs produced by the meteo package,© 2002 Dr. Andreas Müller, Beratung und Entwicklung